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Project David
2d / 3d / installation
In 1981 Sony corporation started on project called "Project David". Main goal was to develop and test of robot ( child ) and its integration to the society. This robot was designed to grow from an embryonal phase to adult , fully automated and self-existent phase. Everything went well until last phase. Subject had to be isolated and now is testing under high control.  This installation are just some fragments from this project.

This is main concept and idea of this work - something about A.I. , robots, society, science..etc.
It is my diploma work, CG installation - from model concept, web page design, billboards prints, photo-montages to 3D print and animations.
Below you can find all parts and some more info.

Concept model - 3D print 
Embryonal phase
Design of the robot was created to fit every growing phase, from embryonal to adult. It is based on human anatomy and skeleton. I created several phase ( can be seen on photo-montages ). Here is embryoanl phase, which was also printed in 3D ( rapid prototyping ). Below you can see wire model, photo of the print and turn table model.
Untitled Page
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Here you can see several montages from growing up of this robot. ( this photos are from mine life and everywhere where is now robot was originaly me. I had to make here several growing phases of the model, prepare light scenes and then put rendered model to existing photos.
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Billboards and WEB
Here are some propagation material - designs for billboard prints and web page ( for web page template was used original sony webs ). Something like part of the business marketing of the project David. 
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Subject under control and testing
Project failed and subject finished under high control for testing. I created here several short animations with this robot, closed in secret area in an empty mirror room. Something like he suddenly became crazy ( what can simply happend  to everybody in this strange world ).
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